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What we do

Technical Workshops

We hold the conviction that consistent learning and skill enhancement are vital to professional growth, particularly in the fast-paced technology sector. Our interactive, expert-guided workshops aim to provide practical knowledge and direct experience in diverse tech industry domains. These workshops are designed for a broad range of tech enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking to refresh your skills, or an aspiring tech enthusiast ready to jumpstart your career, we offer something for everyone. Our workshops provide opportunities to learn directly from industry veterans originating from globally recognized tech firms such as Microsoft, Netflix, Bank of America, Credit Karma, and many others.

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Social Events

We organize monthly social gatherings to foster camaraderie and enjoyment within our community. These events, ranging from game nights and potlucks to movie screenings, serve as platforms for volunteers and community members to establish and nurture relationships.

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Social Events

Our social events serve as a platform for our community members to unwind, network, and build meaningful relationships. We host an array of events like meet-and-greets, panel discussions with industry leaders, tech-talks, hackathons, and innovation showcases. These events foster an environment where ideas and experiences are shared, inspiring collaboration and innovative thinking.

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Support Entrepreneurs

We're dedicated to nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship within our community, providing resources, mentorship, and opportunities for those looking to start or grow their own businesses. We firmly believe that empowering entrepreneurs fuels innovation, drives economic growth, and creates a positive impact in the African American community.

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Intro to UX/UI Design

Dive into the world of UX/UI with this 12 Week Bootcamp led by industry professionals.

The Team


Lusenii Kromah

Cigna Health

Lusenii Kromah, a Charlotte native who is passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, and the arts! With a degree in Computer Science from North Carolina A&T State University and Georgia Institute of Technology, Lusenii has built an impressive career working for companies like Adobe and Twitter, and now serves as a Sr. Mobile Product Manger @ Cigna .

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Head of Community

Nahdi Bropleh


Nahdi Bropleh is a proud alumna of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, having double majored in Business Administration from the prestigious Kenan-Flagler Business School and African Studies. Throughout her academic journey, she explored her passions for marketing, African culture, and service work. Presently, she occupies the role of a Marketing Specialist at Cisco, intending to integrate her interests into her future professional pursuits.

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Social Media Anchor

Adwoa Ahenkora

Wells Fargo

Adwoa Ahenkora is a meticulous and inventive professional, presently occupying the role of a Recruiting Associate at Wells Fargo. She completed her studies at Howard University, establishing a strong foundation that has been pivotal in guiding her career. Having a fervor for talent acquisition, Adwoa possesses a discerning eye for selecting exceptional candidates who genuinely embody the diverse communities they represent. She is committed to constant improvement and utilizes her creativity to deliver an outstanding candidate experience and successful talent retention. In addition to her recruitment role, Adwoa shines in her capacity as head of content, highlighting her versatility and dedication to her work. Guided by her strong aspiration to effect positive change and an innovative approach to her duties, Adwoa is a dynamic professional making notable contributions to her field.

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Creative Director

Marcus Kiser

Mign Design

Marcus Kiser is a change agent, crafting a more remarkable world through the lens of design and art. His work is inspired by a wide array of sources, from classical art to comic books and graffiti. Kiser, as both an artist and a designer, is adept across numerous media. His skill lies in distilling ideas into striking, almost iconic imagery that, while often dense and multi-layered, remains consistently accessible.

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Board Members

Board Member

Cory Lancaster

Product Manager @ Facebook

Cory Lancaster is a distinguished Product Policy and Strategy Manager currently employed at Meta, where she oversees more than 700 products and features. She provides leadership in product counseling, focusing on key policy issues such as election integrity, algorithm fairness, discovery engine safety, and beyond. Before joining Meta, Cory acted as the Chief Technology Officer at Street Entrepreneurs, a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to empowering budding entrepreneurs through knowledge, networking, and capital access. With Street Entrepreneurs, she championed the concept of a grit-based economy, ensuring those with talent, ambition, and determination had the resources necessary to build sustainable solutions for their communities and the world. In addition to her outstanding portfolio, Cory has also served as CEO at 82 tabs, a web design agency she founded. Under her guidance, the agency offered bespoke web solutions, contributing to the business success of various clients. Cory is a proud alumna of both Duke and The George Washington University. Her robust educational background has set the stage for her accomplished career. Her track record reflects her dedication to innovation, her exceptional leadership skills, and her knack for developing impactful tech products.

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Board Member

Desmond A. Wiggins Jr.

Founder of BatteryXchange

Desmond A. Wiggins Jr. is a visionary entrepreneur and the dynamic force behind Batter Exchange, an avant-garde mobile device charging platform that empowers users with on-demand charging solutions on the go, harnessing the vast potential of the sharing economy. In his previous role as Director of International Relations, Desmond exhibited a knack for cross-border technology consultation. He was instrumental in nurturing and fortifying relationships between tech companies in China and their peers in America and Europe. Equipped with a B.S. in Business, emphasizing Marketing and Management from Winston Salem State University, Desmond further elevated his credentials with an MBA from Fort Hays State University. Drawing inspiration from industrial magnates like the Rockefellers and Carnegies, Desmond is driven by an unwavering aspiration to leave a lasting legacy for his generation. A beacon of innovation and tenacity, he continues to shape the tech and business landscape with his groundbreaking initiatives.

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Master of Ceremony

Lejorne Leys

Head of Univ. Recruting @ Credit Karma

Step into any of Dark Mode's events and you'll likely encounter the charismatic presence of Lejorne Leys, our esteemed Master of Ceremony. Alongside orchestrating our events, Lejorne is a beacon of transparent leadership, deeply valuing education and transformational leadership. His rich experience of engaging with diverse academic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds underlines his commitment to inclusivity and social intelligence. Currently spearheading efforts as the Head of University Recruiting at Credit Karma, Lejorne has previously showcased his talent in pivotal roles like Senior Recruiter for Global Emerging Talent at Zoom and the DEI Program Manager at Twitter. For Lejorne, persistence isn't just a trait—it's a guiding principle. He fervently believes that relentless effort and resilience carve the path to success. Whether he's gracing our event stage or working behind the scenes, his mission remains the same: to leave an indelible impact on every individual he encounters, always staying true to the ethos that dedication and continuous striving bring unmatched rewards.

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© 2023 Dark Mode. All Rights Reserved.

© 2023 Dark Mode. All Rights Reserved.